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Are you looking to purchase Orange Pops handmade artwork to sell at your brick and mortar shop? Orange Pops, has worked with many businesses by offering wholesale rates so companies and small businesses can purchase original handmade goodies at a discounted price. If you know Orange Pops products would sell well in your store, why not make life easy and consider buying wholesale? 

You must provide your TAX ID in order to qualify for wholesale pricing. You do not qualify for wholesale if you are looking for custom artwork for yourself or your business. 

Wholesale Pricing:

1) Ceramic Tile Coasters-These are wholesale priced at $5.50/each and can be sold at a retail price between $11-$12/each depending on market prices in your area. Many shops offer a discount for sets of 4 coasters. Minimum order is $250. Anyone out of state or over 80 miles from Milwaukee will be charged $5.75 per tile to help cover shipping costs.

2) Bottle cap Magnet Packs-These are wholesale priced at $4.50 per set and are sold in sets of 4 bottle cap magnets per set. Retail is between $10-$12 per pack (contains four magnets). Minimum order is $100.

*All wholesale orders must be paid PRIOR to shipping or payment is due on delivery if located in the Milwaukee/Madison and surrounding areas. Please contact Leslie at or Phone: 414-207-1210 for more information. 



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